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Handmade Blankets & Quilts for Little Ones, Kids & Adults

Y'all are gonna love the handmade gifts Cottontops Quilt Shop offers! Handmade gifts are so special; each one has so much thought and time in it. The gifts you find here for yourself or others are made with love, and that love comes across when you receive yours. 

Sewing & making handmade items was always a way of life in my family. My grandmother had a huge wooden quilt box that was full of old quilts. She would tell about having a "quiltin" when all the neighbor ladies would come over and quilt all day. My other grandmother would hang a large quilt frame from her ceiling. We could barely get around it, but my Maw-maw, cousins and aunts were there, talking, laughing and quilting. My mother made all our clothes when I was little, matching my big sister of course:) She even made both my big brothers' leisure suits.:D

Covering up with a homemade quilt or blanket, just brings back feelings of comfort, warmth and love. That's why I love making them and sharing with my family. I love the whole process, from starting with an idea, all the way through to the finished product. After a lot of encouragement from family & friends, I decided to start my Etsy shop. All the items in my store are handmade in my home in a little bity town in Southern Arkansas. Since I've gotten so busy, I now have two part time helpers, my daughter in-law, Kendra, and my neighbor and friend, Lisa. I use the best fabrics I can for each item. Each one is made with much TLC to make sure it's excellent quality that you can be proud to keep or give. I work hard to make warm, happy, beautiful quilts and blankets and am honored that you stopped by!!

I've also started selling fabrics and quilt kits I've made up to help with my fabric obsession :)

Cottontops Quilt Shop was named for quality cotton fabrics, for my mama "Cotton," for myself as a child, and for my beautiful "Cotton-top" grandbaby girl. You'll find gifts for yourself or others here that you'll love even more when you get them home. Thanks for looking, and may God bless you and your family!!!